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Buy or Sell a Home Without Pests

You’ll never see a real estate sign that says, “Enjoy the termites: they’re included in the price.”  However, as a responsible homeowner or perspective buyer, you’ll want to keep in mind the potential havoc that can be caused by various Wood Destroying Organisims and rodents.

Termites can be  hidden in the walls and weaken the wooden members of a home and cause dangers for the residents, including load-bearing structures that could collapse.

Other Wood Destroying Organisms that can be of concern, Powder Post Beetles, Wood Boring Beetles, Dry Wood Termites, and Wood Decaying Fungus.

We provide the necessary services, to receive an Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report. If the home is not clear to receive such, we offer our services to clear the home of any current issues.Then in good standing we issue the Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report.

Many homeowners are unaware that they have rodent activity in their attics when selling the home, until an inspections reveals live activity. Noble Pest Services can remedy the situation and meet the expectations of the buyer to get you through a stressless closing.

Other pests pose less of a threat, but are still an annoyance; Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bee's, Wasps, Scorpions, Cenntipedes, Stink Bugs, Crickets, Millipedes, and other creepy crawlers. We can help with these unwanted house guests to help ease your stress before moving in to your new purchase.

If you’re buying or selling a home, Noble Pest Services is among the most reputable experts in the area to rid your property of any pests. We excel in detection and extermination of pests at the source. Please call us to schedule an appointment today 770-422-3105.