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Rats and Mice Control Services

Rats and mice have been some of the most successful animals in the world to adapt to living with humans, even though we don’t want them around! Every year, rodents cause billions of dollars of damage around the world. They destroy crops, eat and contaminate food stores, chew through electric wiring insulation, cause all kinds of hidden damage, create fires to homes and commercial buildings.

Mice may be cute, but they famously spread dangerous diseases like hantaviruses, toxoplasmosis, and Lyme disease. There have even been modern cases of the bubonic plague carried by rats.

You don’t have to live with rats and mice in your home. We routinely help people get rid of infestations of these furry pests. Protect your family, home, and business with our custom designed rodent control service. We set up traps, rodent boxes, and exclude entry points where rodents are entering the structure.  

Just remember the old saying: for every mouse you see, there are ten more that you don’t see. Signs of rodent infestation include; chewing marks on furniture, small black droppings, and holes chewed in the corners of food storage. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, don’t hesitate to contact NOBLE  PEST SERVICES "A Name You Can Trust" for an FREE on-site inspection.